Why should I sell and buy tropical fish and supplies on tropicalfishauction.com?


Reefing newb
1. We use professional well supported software not homemade software that locks up, freezes and crashes.
2. TropicalFishAuction.com runs on private dedicated servers using intel proccessors and are always running 99.99% since we started 3 years ago. We have not had any downtime at all.
3. We use the latest direct payment methods. No real need to contact buyers after auction closes they can simply pay using the direct payment methods you choose. Like Paypal, Google Checkout, Worldpay, 2Checkout, Nochex, Ikobo, Protx, Authorize.net, Moneybookers, Amazon Payments and Paymate.
4. Our customer service support answers questions right away.
5. We do not use advertisements on our site that will pose a virus threat to your computer. We never had any complaints about malicious viruses, popup's or adware on our site ever.
6. Some people may ask why should I use this site when I can use one that is totally free? All we have to say about that is you get what you pay for and read on.
7. Ask other users from other sites how are their services and software? You will hear nothing but problems with page lockups, freeze ups crashes page slowdowns and headaches.
8. Our software utilizes the latest php technology.
9. We sponsor and support many forums, clubs and society's. Are others doing the same?
10. We are also hobbyist just like you we keep a variety of tropical fish.
11. Sellers ONLY pay a low 3% end of auction value fee for auctions that are sold ONLY. Unless you choose to add optional featured listings and so on. You never pay for non sold items.
12. Our auction has many features like wanted ads, Item swap, featured items, featured category items, and more.
Even if you don't see any items of interest today signup so that we know your with us.