Why is my Chocolate Chip Starfish Dieing


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So I have had my starfish now for about 8 months and suddenly he is starting to disintegrate. Last week my blue damsel died but I did a water change right away and my brittle star is doing great right now. I still have my 10 gallon and my ammonia and nitrite levels are at 0 and the nitrate is around 20ppm as usual. Any ideas?
The two most common culprits for starfish death are nitrates and stray voltage, as Beej said. Starvation is also common, but it seems your starfish has been getting enough to eat. (And starfish are not photosynthetic, so lighting doesn't matter :)).
My starfish is still moving around normally but won't eat when I try to feed him and is still dissolving is there anything I can do other than water changes to help him.
Most likely starving to death. In nature their diet is soft corals, sponges, tubeworms, clams, shrimp and other starfish. I assume you haven't been feeding it any of those others besides the shrimp.
Even if you do lose him, I'd still try to get your nitrates down and check for stray voltage in your tank so that you don't lose anything else