Which All in One to get?


Reefing newb
I was originally gonna get a 55gallon bull nose/bullet tank which has a compartment to hide the filter media, the pump, skimmer, etc... and has a sump below in the cabinets. but i decided until i get a new house i cant go that big cause i dont want to move it when that comes time.

but i also have the addiction of this hobby. Ive had a 12g NC which i took down cause my damsel out grew it [he's 6 inches long now so i moved him to a 20L].

so ive decided it will be between these three, although i am gonna ask about the Finnex 30 gallon tank.

Aquapod 24g HQI- 275.00
JbJ 28G HQI- 400.00
RSM- 475.00

now i personally want the Halide lighting, but the RSM is cheap enough to where ill consider a tank w/o the halide. i still dont understand how the RSM doesnt come with them yet.

i have a question about the aquapod and the jbj for those who have them. Did you find that you needed to run a chiller? those with RSM did u have to run a chiller? i know my 12g NC with the light upgrade got the water to heat up to around 83degrees.

im very torn on which one to get. i dont really wanna buy a chiller but i will if i really really need too.

help me decide which is better/better deal.
The RSM doesn't come with them because the top is completely closed.It would cause to much of a heat issue.Although it wouldn't hurt them to offer a fixture without a top like the others do.

I prefer the filtration(sump,fuge,skimmer) used on the Finnex.Besides I like glass better and it looks very techie.Don't forget to check the Current Solana tank....pricey though.Underwaterworld has a thread on his under ''Tank Showcase''.

For the four complete set-ups you mentioned,I would go with Finnex by a long shot.
yah the LFS has the solona for like 700 and he wont go lower on it. if i had to spend that much he would sell me the bull nose for 600, but then again i wouldnt have the room for it, but would rather buy it if i were to spend that much.
It has a control panel and timer in a very tidy design.I'm not much on keeping sps corals in smallish system so the T5 fixture would be perfect for me.
We've got one of RSMs set up at Bermuda and loaded with SPS.Its does extremely well for an all in one.
That would be my choice.
Well the RSM is outta the question now, hte guy sold the last one he had in stock and would have to order more, which means ill have to pay the 600 for it