When Will Aquatraders.com be Running?

Sir Alex

Dragon the eel (below)
Aquatraders.com was supposed to come on two days ago. :-? Anyone know how long it will take?

I wanted to find out if Odyssea has a 60" 2 bulb T5 fixture but obviously couldn't. Anyone know if they make them?
They have not stated when the site will come back up just that the store will be open on 22nd, I think they were unclear with what they have posted now. It should be up by the first of november.
What bout these Beamwork Led fixtures they're talking about? Is there any chance that they're decent? I saw the freshwater ones on ebay for a really low price.
Doubt it but someone will probably post some reviews online somewhere, I tried googling the company since aquatraders is known for cheap cost effective products, but couldnt find anything.