When to use kalkwasser


Reefing newb
When should you start using kalkwasser? I only have pumping xenia ( a small amount) and coralline. ( starting to flake off glass). I have never used kalkwasser and tried to understand articles on the subject, but understand that if done wrong>|< thanks for any and all help.:bowdown:
You would use kalc when your calcium levels cannot keep up with the demand. kalk will also raise ph and tend to stablize alkalinity. if you are having success with regular water changes to support correct water parameters, then you most likely do not need kalk. if on the other hand your coraline algae are not faring well and all parameters look good you might consider purple up. some have had very good results with it. I dont personally use it so i can only provide what others have said that have used it specifically for energizing coraline algae. good luck keep us posted.
Did a small water test this am about 15min. after datlight light came on this is where I was at.

PH 8.6

KH 13 or 232.7

Calcium 280

I did a water change on thurs. it was 10%. I know the calcium is low it needs to be around 400.
Calc is low but your PH and Alk are high. I would not start using Kalk due to the high PH of the product and also the added buffering which you don't need right now. I would try using a Calc additive alone for right now.
Both Kent Marine and Red Sea make calcium additives that have worked well in my tank, you might want to try one of those. They are available in big chain pet stores too, easy to find.
provide some information on your makeup water, water change water preperation, additives you use and how much how often you add. your Ph is too high that early in the morning. are you running a refuge or any other type dosers?
I make a 10% water change a week. I use only RO/DI water for top off and changes. Right now I use iodine and super buff. I mix the buff in water and pour it in tank. 1 cap full of iodine everyother day. I have a seaclone 100 skimmer and a 20 gallon tank. I empty the cup when have full every cople of days. When I tested the antics were on for over an hr and 10,000k was on 15-20 mins. I was not going to add the buff till I got my cal. up. I have 3 shrimp( 1 cleaner,2 pepperment) 2 red legs. 15 turbos pumping xenia. All seem good growing molting.
You deffinately do not need to add the buffer. This could also be what is affecting your PH. Most buffers have a high PH and your Alk is also high so I would stop adding the buffer for a few WCs and see how your PH and Alk are affected. Also if your Alk is to high it can mess with your calc. Just a couple thoughts. I hope this helps.
I agree to some extent, recommend you stop your additions, do water changes and test your parameters, when ph, and alkalinity are lowered, and if calcium does not start to increase, I would recommend you only use a two part additive such as C-balance, or Kent marine. this will stablize your system without affecting other parameters to the negative if you follow directions and test as you go. The iodine will not affect the ph and such and you can continue to dose that. if it is being used up rapidly. hope this helps.
I used to use B-ionic 2 part. alot of locals use it with great results also.

Also remember if you are to use kalk to drip it in slowly, and at night when the lights are off.