What Type of Coral?


Reefing newb
Can someone help me identify the following?

Frogspawn or torch coral. Its hard to tell since there is no extension on the tentacles. Frogspawn will have multiple colored tips/bumps on each tentacle. Torch will only have the very tip colored. For the record it does look more like a frogspawn to me.
Feels like torch given the branching, but the polyps never extend more than what you see in the pic. The pictures of torch I'm finding online seem to have a significant extension and much brighter green heads...
What makes me think it is a torch more so then a frogspawn.Each head is very close to one another where frogspawns they are more branch out like tree limbs.Either case,both have the same care requirement and lighting.Moderate lighting and an occassional feeding of mysis.Although,really no supplemental feeding is necessary for frogs.
If there is even a tiny bit of live flesh left,then yes,its can come back.If not,the other heads will just grow around it.
The dead ones do not come back usually. Maybe in nature but not usually in our systems. It grows by dividing or splitting one of it's heads.
I blew up the picture and it's a torch. What I thought were little bumps on the tentacles were just the tips on the smaller tentacles. I'm pretty sure if one of the heads/branches dies it will not regenerate. They will sprout new heads.
Euphillia are pretty slow growers. I've had my frogspawn for 8+ months and about a month ago it finally started sprouting new heads. I actually counted them last night and it has 8 new heads.
Yeah that's what I've found too. I feed my euphyllias every other day, and they have gotten huge and more heads since I've had them too.