what the @#$% happened to my torch

heres the pics

coral has been in for about a month
all water params are excellent
placement is on the bottom of the tank
moderate flow
24" deep tank
nova extreme pro

only thing i can think of is i noticed a little spot of red slime starting, so when i did my weekly sunday 10% change i siphoned the sand and may have bumped it with the siphon tube

is it a gonner on that stalk??


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It could be anything from an injury,to a parasite.Its hard to say.
Hard to say weather or not that head will die too.

You might try dipping it in some Lugols Solution.If its parasites,that will kill some of em off.Plus its an antiseptic for any damaged spots on the coral.
No way to tell if it will die or not.A healthy coral's polyps and skeleton will recover.Yours looks healthy,seen worst recover nicely.

Its a green short tentacle torch,yes?Very green,nice!
The same thing has happened to my torch and hammer. Both of them had 8+ head each, but they started dying off one by one, just like your pictures. Luckily, the die off stopped when they each only had one head left. I have no idea why, or what caused it though.
i guess i will just ride it out
the polyps are coming off on the "deflated" head
the other two seem to be fine

reef, im not sure what kind of torch it is, i took the picture around 8:30 pm and just my actinics were on, all my corals shrink up around that time
during the day the polyps are around 2 inches+/-
Keep an eye on it zoot.
It will probably recover....a siphon hit may agitate it but not kill it.
I had a piece of rock land on mine hard.....killed a head.
You will notice the head turn brown, then to jelly. Siphon the jelly out if it dies, the rest will live....
I have a 5 headed piece now with one empty head (a small piece is growing back in the missing head).

Keep us updated.