What size Koralias


Reefing newb
Hello everyone! All has been going well with my system. I was wanting to replace my 4 MJ1200's for 2 Koralias. The tank is a 46 gallon with a 15 gallon sump/fuge holding about 11 gallons of water for a total of about 57 gallons, with a mag 5 for a return pump. The 4 MJ's are on timers where two are on for 15 min then it switches to the other 2 for 15 min. What size koralias would you all suggest, and how many? Thanks a bunch.
I'd go with a couple of the #4s.But I like a butt load of flow for my SPS corals.
Just dont plan on running the Koralias on timers.They like to kick backwards when the first come on and it makes a LOUD clicking sound.
Imo, don't waste you money. Get the mods for the Maxi's, you will get better flow out of them. I have a Koralia 3 and am not impressed. If you would mod all 4 of your maxi's I guarentee it would blow your corals around, hah. But you would only need to mod maybe 2 of them.
Those mods kits that include a magnet mount aren't exactly cheap. If you have the mj already, the kit alone is $33 or the mj and kit is $51 from here.
I personally would rather buy a K-4 for around $48 before spending $51 for a modded ph.
I personally like the wider flow out of the koralias better than the mj mods.
I'm actually running both right now.
I've got 2 of the mj mods blowing behind my rock,the 4 of the K4s placed back in the rocks blowing out towards the front.
A pair of Koralia 3's would be good, they don't need to be controlled if you don't have SPS. LPS and softies aren't as picky about water movement and seem to do fine with good, consistent water movement.