what is it?


Reefing newb
i just now tonight found a must be 3 legged little star fish bage color and looks like a fourth leg is generating but danm i know about stuff in live rock but star fish? it's got to be cause looks just like it. i just need to know if that is the way they start out?
Those are little hitch-hiker star fish. They won't get much bigger than a dime maybe. I have several in my tank that came in on live rock. They will move through your sand bed.
That's the coolest thing about salt water tanks...you never know what you'll see. especially after dark! HTH
Yeah I have tons now, no bigger than an eraser tip. most are 7 legged, and a few are diferent. I watched the other night as thousands of pods swarmed to the flashlight at 4 am!!!! it was CRAZY, I have now found about 10 snails i never knew were there also. This was JUST from some live sand from my cousins tank. I nuked my LR LONG ago before I started my tank lol.

btw how is everything?
yeah the stomatella snails are spreading like crazy but never thought i would end up with starfish. the 29 gal tank is the one with all the goodies and the coralline is finally spreading like crazy. the 55 gal the trigger and the 2 inch long yellow tang are doing great eaven though all my mexican snails died all i have left are my hardy 2 hermitts and about 2 reef snails but yeah all the mexicans in both my tanks died other than that i'm sadly gona have to sell one of the tanks since i'm moving to a house soon and need to cut down on the power usage. i don't care now cause i live on post and i can use all the water ad power i want so i'll let u guys know what's up in the next couple of months.