what a water additives are best to use for a reef tank


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heard many different things from many different people and websites but what should i use and how often, i'm using purple up, coral vite (kent), DT'S live plankton, coral vital, and stress zyme, bio zyme. I use these as directed on bottle. Just curious cause polyps and zoos our doing fine but mushrooms aren't doin well a couple had white stringy stuff come out of them than they died. Need some advice :frustrat: . Thanks
if it's the tank in the discription(under your name) and only been set up for 5 months you shouldn't need to add any of that except maybe the dt's for food. what do you have in the tank? that will let you know if you need the dt's. the purple up i used once. it was great if you want to grow cyno and hair algae everywhere. i've never used any of the other products or know what they do,but more than likely you should spend your money else where.
at this point you should be able to provide all of the needs for your animals with water changes and reserved feeding. basically do not ever add anything to the system unless you have determined the system needs it. does not make any difference what others do, your system may not need anything. always test water parameters before and after additions have mixed for a day. so if you run carbon, run it for a week to 10 days each month and when it is removed add a dose of iodine, vitamins and minerals/trace elements other wise use water changes to provide replenishment of the elements. so if you test and your calcium and it is a bit low, and everything else is ok deal with the calcium i.e. 2 part additive to keep a stable alkalinity also. and so forth. I would direct you to the helpful articles forum on page one are some very good articles that will give you some information that may just answer most your questions, and while you are there, browse around abit and read articles of interest. good luck and thanks for the question.