Was sold as a False Lemon Peel Angel were they wrong?


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This incredible Fish I picked up at Petco Was sold as a False Lemon Peel Angel but I noticed a bit of blue by the eyes a few days after getting it, now it looks black? is this a sign of sickness? there is plenty of algae that it grazes on constantly and it eats Mystis Shrimp, Brine Flakes and Marine pellets! any help with ID and possible illness would help, it was pure yellow when I got it no blue whatsoever, I know the false one lacks the blue could they have sold me a true Lemon Peel? 2 photos attached.


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Its possible, more likely I would think than changing colour due to stress because of the isolated area. I wouldn't worry as long as its eating, but if something happens in the next few days, let us know; it could be something more serious.
It's been this way for about a week hasn't gotten any worse it's in a 75 Gal Corner Flo has tons of caves the light has a built in timer that cycles through 4 modes when the last T5 goes out and the Night Led's come on it vanishes till morning it has done this since day on, the only other thing that has changed for the better is it eats a variety of food at first only Algae and Mystis Shrimp, oh yea I saw it start a fight with my Maroon Clown when it would not let it get to the algae in the clowns little corner the Clown lost that fight LOL, I though the Green Mandarin was going to be the hard one to raise but I made it comfortable and it eats well and is fat this is the first fish I feel worried about :(
Like I said, its possible that it was mis-labeled as Petco tends to do that on occasion. I wouldn't worry as long as he's eating and looks healthy.
To be honest he looks like a healthy fish with a pretty standard temperment for that type of angel. The fact that he won over the maroon clown tells me he is pretty hardy and is going to do just fine. I wouldn't worry about the coloration, some fish just develop odd colors and/or can change colors depending on mood. I don't see anything in the pictures that would cause me concern.