Value of this Bubble Coral and Zoa Patch?


Do Not Listen To Me!!!
I bought this coral for about $25 probably 2+ years ago. It was tiny but now it is super big and I have been debating getting rid of it AKA selling it.

It is roughly 14"-16" wide and about 8" deep and about 8" tall or so.

It shrinks down pretty small at night but it is HUGE!!!

Can't really figure out the fair value if I decide to sell it.

Also pictured is my little or I mean large Zoa/Paly Patch.

It has Black/Green, Orange/Yellow/Black, Blue Zoas & Orange Bam Bams, Purple Deaths and some annoying Green Palys. There is also a green hairy Acro of some sort and Neon Candy Cane stuck in there.

This patch of beauty can be seen in one of my other videos and will only go fo saleif I decide to add more rock to allow me to glue some Acros closer to the surface of the water.

Still looking for some input on the value.

So in the pics you can see the huge Bubble. In the last year it has more than doubled in size.

phoffkjjo(2) by Phastroh1, on Flickr

photo(4) by Phastroh1, on Flickr

phozzzzzto(2) by Phastroh1, on Flickr

photo(3) by Phastroh1, on Flickr
Just from looking at it at night I don't think these bubbles can be fragged like most corals. It reminds me of a clam that has grown. The base is the same size just the tissue has grown a ton.
95% of the time, bubble corals wont survive being fragged.

Not sure about where your at Phastroh, but around this area a bubble that size will bring $250 to $300.
YOTE , Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!

They are completely worthless, so send them to me and I will make sure they are not in your way anymore. :mrgreen:
Zoanthid/Palythoa pricing is a crazy thing.
I have seen large colonies of nice zoanthids with hundreds of polyps for $100.00.
But then I see the same zoanthid in a frag plug selling for $20.00 per polyp.