Urgent help please.


Reefing newb
Hi all. Just realised that I have alk reading of 5.8. Was apparently using an out of date test kit for a while. Was constantly getting readings of 9. Took water to lfs to check everything and that's when he told me. Bought a new sailfert test kit rechecked when I got home and. 5.8 it is !!! I have redsea alk buffer powder but don't know how quickly I can raise it and still be safe ?? Is raising it too quickly dangerous ? Thanks
Yes it is dangerous to raise it that much too quickly. What do the directions say? Mine states the maximum per day you should add.
Have thrown out boxes and instructions, only have whats on the back of the container and it doesn't seem to say how much you can raise it on a daily basis. I have tried to google it and cant get specific amounts for red sea products just general talk.
Any info you have would be a great help.
Is it Red Sea reef foundations
Reef Foundation B (Alk) is a complex of carbonate and other buffers present in seawater that maintain proper alkalinity and pH. [1ml will raise the alkalinity of 100 liters (25 gal) by 0.36 meq/l (1dKH)]
I actually have the powder, so i would use 1g/per 100 liters and that would raise it from 5.8 to 6.8,So I will use 10 gram, That is the maximum you would raise in any 24 hrs period ? Is the alk being that low any danger to corals or fish ?
Thanks, will do gradually over the next week. I cant believe it got that low, stupid test kits !! grrrrrr !!