Upping Magnesium


Reefing newb
Any advice on this would be great.

I think i'm going to go with Reef Advantage Magnesium. I am trying to figure out how much to dose though.

Tank volume is 120 Gallons / 450 liters.

current mag level is at 1190-1200 (i would like to be at 1280-1320)

How much do you guys suggest dosing or a different product that would work better? The rest of my levels seem pretty good. My phosphate is the only other one i may dose because it was .2
Tech M is more concentrated- I believe reef advantage is seachem product mag salt- have not done the math but pretty sure its going to take more than 1 lb of that seachem product to get you where you want - might as well use epsom salt cheaper - a pure grade epsom salt- Tech M will get you where you want to be quicker with less
Just reading up on this stuff. I don't have bryopsis i just would like my magnesium up for coral growth. Is this the best to move the magnesium up without effecting other areas in my tank??

Do you know the dosage to be used of Tech M? @jzaso
Go online and use the reef calculator (diest) for dosage - remember mg controls alk and Ca upping mg will lower those you will have to bring those up too - the online calculator will give you the balance of all three and additives and dosage required to bring all three to balance those are your core elements
*Dieyst* great online tool your po4 needs attending your shooting for .02 / .01 if you plan on keeping hard corals