unexpected RBTA surprise this morning!

This merits the dancing banana: :bounce:

This RBTA hasn't split since May 07. Yay! It wasn't showing any signs of it, other than moving around the corner facing the front earlier this week. Then this morning, bam! Got some instant store credit !:twocents::mrgreen:
I'm gonna sell the split for sure. 2 nems= 2x the chance of getting stung SPS. Plus, the splitting might wander off, which could be very bad.
Biffy sure is takin a lot of my lines here lately:D
Congratulations on the surprise store credit.
You got more nerve than I got with a RBTA and SPS in the same tank.
SPS came after my rbta. couldn't bring myself to get rid of a healthy nem i paid $120 for. Guess I haven't lernt my lesson yet lol