Ultra Life Reef Products Red Slime Remover


Reef Freak
Has anyone ever used this product?

I'm trying to get rid of the last of the cyano/red slime in my tank. It's in the little holes and crevices on my live rock. I'm slowly winning the battle but I would like to wipe it out before it can get ahead of me again. Here are my tank parameters:Ammo, Nitrite, Nitrate 0, Mg 900ppm, PH 8.1, Salinity, 1.024, Phosphate 0, Calcium 460, and KH/Alk 10dkh (179 ppm KH)

Everything in the tank seems happy and healthy and is growing well. My tank is about 6 months old. I have 2 clowns, 2 chromis and 1 Pajama Cardinal and 1 red sea star. with a large cuc. My corals are a torch, hammer, frogspawn, zoas, mushrooms, toadstool, cabbage leathers, neon birdsnest, colt, xenia, open brain and I also have 2 feather dusters.

I don't have a fuge/sump but I'm using a protein skimmer and a gfo reactor. I also have a hob filter (cleaned weekly) but I'm only using it to run carbon. I also have 2 powerheads that provide a lot of flow. My lighting is 2 250w MH, and 4 65w 50/50 cf bulbs.

I hope I've provided enough info. So, should I try the red slime remover or just keep up with tank maintenance and water changes? I've had the red slime for about 1 1/2 months. Oh, I only feed 3x a week and try not to overfeed but I may sometimes. :frustrat:
I would keep up with the tank maintenance. All of those red slime removes are basically bactericides aimed at killing the cyano, which is good, but if it doesnt kill every single last one of them, you will end up with a resistant strain that is even harder to get rid of.

Also, how old are you bulbs? Changing out for some new bulbs could be the determining factor in getting rid of them
The MH bulbs are about 3 weeks old. I'm not certain on the cf bulbs. I think they are about a year old, so they need to be replaced also.