Two Spot Goby Won't Eat


Reefing newb
I bought at two spot goby from the LFS last week and this guy isn't eating, at least from what I can see. The tank is very peaceful so I don't think it's stress related.

I've tried flake food, pellet food, frozen cubes and even live brine shrimp the past two days and I don't see him eating anything. I know they do get a decent diet from scooping food from the sand, but I don't think my sand bed is really that dirty to sufficiently keep him healthy.

I haven't spot fed before, and he'd likely run away if I did, but do you have any suggestions as to what I should do? I'd hate to lose $40 so quickly on a stubborn fish.
I feed my. Goby frozen enriched brine i turn all the pumps off and he sifts the sand and catches the brine now he comes and swims for it
They are difficult to take care of. A well populated refugiom is recommended . I could not get mine to eat anything. I guess some people can get them to eat frozen or live myssis shrimp, but they do better sifting the sand for copopods. Which come from a population kept in the refugiom.they are similar to the mandarin goby which are only recommended in an established mature reef tank.