Turbo snails


Reefing newb
I put three turbo snails In my tank yesterday . They immediatly went to town eating algae. Then this morning they looked like they were not moving. Now I see that they are again so they are not dead.i jus wonder if they have periods of inactivity and maybe they stay in one spot for a while sometimes. Everything seems to be fine with the water. I have read on here about how turbo snails are a hit and miss sometimes as to wether they last very long.
Though I am not the most experienced aquarist on the thread, I have had a few turbos for about a month, and yes, I went through the same concern when 1 or the other suddenly stayed in one spot for several days. It seems to be normal. My guess is, they only move when they are hungry. So, my slightly experienced answer is yes, it's normal, don't worry. My rule of them with snails? As long as they are suctioned to something, they're ok. And yes, they are the BEST for algae cleanup!
That sounds like good advice. I know I put three of them in there last night. I can find two of them. I know it has to be in there somewhere. They sure do eat the algea though.
When I bought my first two, just two mind you, my 20g long tank had so much algae on the glass, it was hard for me to see inside. Just several hours later they had the tank almost completely cleaned, and by morning it was. I bought some algae sheets to hang in the tank for a little while when they had stopped moving, to make sure they were getting enough food, with a clear tank, and one of them would devour a 3"x3" sheet alone in no time.
Yep.... them going idle is nothing to worry about.

Strict algae eaters need their diets supplemented otherwise they run out of food ... and ... um....

You can also always turn the shells over if they are on your sand bed and see if there is anything inside. An empty shell is, well empty :)

If they are still hanging on your glass and not moving, then they are all good.