Turbo snail being attacked!


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Yesterday I felt the need to spend some money, hehe. So I went to my overpriced lfs and picked up 3 large astrea snails and 1 large turbo.

The astrea are running all over my rock, they look great too.

My turbo I am worried about. I did a water change, fed my fish, then added all of them to the tank. Sometime last night my turbo ended up of the sand. This morning I got up and he was covered in nass snails. They we're all over his shell, running on the meat of him, etc. I pushed him away from them and put him closer to the glass. Not sure what else to do.

He is active and moves around a little. Were they trying to eat him?! Did I add too much clean up at a time initially? Should I put him on the rocks so he will be out of their way?

Also, what do astrea eat? Should I be feeding the rest of my cleaners, as in did I overstock too quickly?

Livestock to date. 2 clownfish, 10 nass, 10 hermits, 4 astrea, 2 turbo. I think that's it. All except for what's mentioned here are very, very small.

Thanks guys and I am apologizing now for any misspelled words or weird worded sentences. Typing this stuff from my phone.
was the turbo on his back? I have read that if turbos fall from the glass onto their backs they cant right themselves. My mexican turbo hauls a$$ I cant picture the other snails ever being able to catch him. He even outruns the hermits. :D
That's sorta what I was hoping, but it looked almost like a horror movie. Wasn't sure if it was normal so I wanted to ask.

There's no way they could hurt him is there?
i dunno, i would imagine having a bunch of little guys crawling all over you might be a little stressfull, but maybe not,

mine right themselves on the sand all the time,, i've seen them just all kinds of stretched out from thier shells to do it, but they allways get back on thier psudopod on thier own...

infact i was watching one of my mexican turbos last night, he was working his way up the glass from the sand and had a small hermit on his back, well when he finally made it about half way up the tank, the hermit bailed and jumped, shortly after that the turbo let go, drifted to the sand, flipped himself over and started back up the glass...

the funniest part of it all was that the snail looked like he was walking more than slithering along, cause when he was on the glass it looked like he had 2 feet rather than the one that all the other snails have. He was actually almost walking, cause as he moved, one "foot" would move, then the other.. I've never seen a snail do that before.
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Yes, he was on his back. He really isn't very speedy. Just kinda layed around when I watched him last night. The astrea are moving around pretty well though.

Do astrea not like sand? I have a little star astrea and anytime he gets in the sand he will stay there for a few days. I usually pick him up and put him on the rock and he will start rumaging around.
I dont think so. They dont have teeth or claws. Maybe yote or biff can enlighten us.
Nass. snails eat the dead and dying.So yeah,have them all over you would probably be a tad bit stressfull:D
Turbo snails are flat out stupid.They fall off the glass and cant right themselves if their on their back.Kinda like a turtle.Then the stress gets them.
really?!?!? mine right themselves all the time...
i have both regular turbo's and mexican turbos, and i've seen them both right themselves, out in the open on the sand...

maybe mine are special ninja snails :)
Yote is right. The snails will eat it if it's dead or about to die. If they had him covered, they smelled death, and were doing their job as your cleaner crew.

Did you acclimate the new snails properly?
Dripped them over an hour or two. The astrea are doing great. I am headed home right now on my lunch break, will check on them then and update.
My Mexican Turbos always right themselves. I used to help them at first and then my husband started to laugh at me telling me that they have lived for hundreds of years without my help so I started leaving them alone and they started turning over on their own. They also climb all over each other. It is fun to watch, sometimes they will get very top heavy when there are three stuck to each other. But once they are over the shell they all go their separate ways.
I went home and he was on his back in the same spot I left him in. I pulled him out of the tank and he was still alive. Put him on some rocks and he latched on there. After that I noticed a lot of nass snails coming up.

So who knows. Have to wait and see how he does.

So what do astrea snails eat? Mine just seem to climb all over stuff and not really eat anything.
Well, after getting home he was again on his back..it's like he flips himself over. I moved him onto a rock and he again latched on but this time he sorta flipped himself on his back in front of me and is just kinda hanging out of his shell. Not totally, but you can see a lot of the muscle.

Is he a sure goner? Anything I can do to help him out?