To clean to fast


Seahorse Owner
I have a 20 gal saltwater tank and i wanted to keep a place for pods to hide and grow. My tank has a built in sump in the back so i put a stone (more like a ball with the texture of an air stone) a few days to a wwwk later my fish in the tank died. Could this be due to the balls working just to well amd to fast? When do you think it would be appropriate to try adding fish. I bave a fee inverts (skarlwt skunk shrimp, emerald crab, turbo snails, red megged hermit crabs) all of them doing just fine. This tank hase been up since August. I will have the water tested but untill then how long do you thinj before its ok to tey to add fish. I am not sure how long it will take tk stablize things out