Thinking about getting a Maroon Clownfish.


Reefing newb
Probably just one but out of do you go about buying a pair? Do you always have to order them as a pair or can you just get two? What if you get two females? Won't they fight.

Anyway, I am considering an ORA Gold-Striped Maroon Clown. They're cheap and hardy and I like the way they look. I know they're a little more aggressive than other clownfish species. I'm wondering how likely it is that they will bother either my scooter or a yellow wrasse (recently added). I know every fish is different but other people's experiences (maybe with the ORA gene pool?) is always helpful.

I just added a fish so this would be in a little while....not soon...but I am always researching/planning.
in 29 gal i would really only put one maroon in there, i would imagine that a pair would end up going after each other quite a bit. They will also be the last fish you ever put in there because they will go after anything else you add (and likely what you already have) once they are established.
My maroon does great with my blenny and lion he will go after my hand if I got too close to his nem but he is an awesome fish very active
My maroon does great with my blenny and lion he will go after my hand if I got too close to his nem but he is an awesome fish very active

I have a pair of Lovey Dovey Maroons Bought one first, then a few weeks later bought a secound, they do great together hosting the 2 BTAs and the smaller, male hosts the Duncan also, LOL, mine do great together and with thier tankmates, they are so busy with the nems they don't bother my Goby or Firefish at all
I may wait to introduce a blue tip torch coral or frogspawn or something else that has long tentacles and try to introduce the Maroon after that. That is, if I decide to get one.

I like clownfish, but in the end, I don't really care much for the normal clowns. I like the look of the Maroons, the only thing that worries me is the aggressivness.

I've wanted to introduce a nice torch coral to the tank anyway. I probably won't bother with anemones at all in this tank. I don't really have ideal lights for them, the tank hasn't been up long enough, and they're just too much to worry about for me.

I think my next coral purchas will be an orange plate, a frogspawn frag, a blue tip torch coral and one very cheap WYSIWYG SPS coral just to see how it does high up in my tank.
I have an ORA Yellow stripped Maroon clown. It is a great fish and is far from aggressive. Pretty mellow actually. Seems to be healthy and is quite the eater! As for two, you need to buy a big one and a small one and HOPE they get along or buy a mated pair. I have read that relocating a mated pair can cause them to not be mated anymore.