The Filter Guys


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Hey everyone hows it going. Just thought Id take a second to let everyone know about the filter guys. They have always been a big help & the customer service is great. I highly reccomend checking them out :)

The Filter Guys
Just order a RO/DI from them. Just started making water with it now. Everything is great, customer service, quick del, all question answer, quick response, and got everything I expected. What else could you ask for--GREAT COMPANY
I just ordered an ocean reef +1 from the filter guys and wanted to share my awesome experience!

I bought the system last Wednesday and received it 2 days later!
Everything was packaged nice and everything had a label!
A monkey could assemble this system!
All the documentation and tags answered every question I was worried about asking at first.
Once I started settings it up I had a few issues and I sent Jim an email. He replied within an hour of sending three separate emails on a Friday night! The last email was around midnight! Talk about awesome customer service!
I highly highly recommend this company!
As for the system, everything works great.
I used a self pierce saddle drive to hook it up. It came with the system.
I bought an ocean reef +1 and some extra accessories.
I also opted for the chloramine upgrade only $12
My tap water is 88-90 TDS
The RO Membrane filters it down to 2 TDS

The di then makes 0 tds water of course.