The Duncans have been Hacked - 15 Years of Marriage - The Employees are Celebrating
15 Years ago today, Scott & Christina Duncan tied the knot. Through Thick and Thin, they have weathered the storms.
In honor of their commitment to each other, their business and the wonderful hobby, the R2G staff has hacked their Business!!
We are in charge today - stuff is gonna get crazzzeeee...
so hang on...
We just might get fired 'cause we are gonna show you the Real R2G and make some deals that just might make them regret taking the day off!!


So - here is your first assignment - Visit their Reefs2go Facebook Page (
and wish them Happy Anniversary - do that and you have our permission to use a Special Code
Valid for TODAY ONLY
The code is below - it will take $15 off your order over $100 & Christina still has the 10% off the entire site!!
So - when you check out - just enter that code in the Coupons and Gift Cards area of the site - and you will see the $15 come off your invoice!!