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Chris A stated "I received a very hearty Green BTA, it acclimated very well to my tank. When I placed it in my tank it attached very quickly to some live rock that I had in place for it. The only thing I could tell someone is if it is there first time owning a anemone is do not panic it when the tentacles deflate and it looks like your anemone is dying, it is probably just using the bathroom look for brown stringy stuff coming out of the mouth is a good way of telling. It will do this from time to time usual..."
Peppermint Shrimp - Buy 1 for $3.99 - Get 1 FREE - after 10% discount - they are only $1.80 each!!
Teressa from IA said "We ordered 12 shrimp. They all arrived alive and well. They arrived early the next day and were in the tank within 14 hours of shipment. Would definitely order again."
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Shaun from TX raved "You will not find a better deal than this on these lettuce nudibranchs anywhere else! These are the ONLY animal I have found that will eat Bryopsis. These slugs from R2G are very hardy too."
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