Tennessee Saltwater Aquarium Opening!


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One of the biggest events to happen this year in Chattanooga and probably the entire saltwater community is the opening of the Saltwater Aquarium in Chattanooga. It is over 700,000 gallons of saltwater (slightly bigger than my home tank :roll: ). You can check their website out at http://www.tennis.org/VisitorInfo/OceanJourney.asp .

Guess WHAT!?!? It opens April 29th and I got to tour it today! It was awesome! I grabbed my camera and took some photos to share.

Unfortunately it was late in the evening, they use natural sunlight for their main aquarium and my camera is ok. I could not really use a flash because of the reflections. BUT I managed to get a few really good photos. So here they are...

P.S. I will also post them in the photo gallery incase your having trouble viewing them in this post.
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I will follow this trip up with another trip in the next few weeks, hopefully I will get better lighting so the pictures come out cleaner.