Temperature control - CHILLER... any suggestion?

If they have changed it and it goes from 79 to 77 or 80 to 78 that would be fine too.

Honestly I don't think the corals care to much about a tenth degree in temp. A constant/stable temp is more important.

Thanks Brandon... yeah... mine is set to a whole degree. It doesn't have the .1 degree selection. Hmm... that is very interesting. But when the temperature change up and down by itself, it shows the +/- degree differences.

Yea either the 1/5 HP is different or they have changed the interface.

I have one of the early on models almost going on 2 years now, so yours is probably improved. I also use to have a power switch on the back of my unit, but had a problem with the chiller blowing its fuse alot and they sent me an upgraded power cord assembly for the newer models.

I bet yours doesn't have a power switch on it either. Anyways the important thing is it keeps the temperature constant and for me that it was quite, which was the big plus for me.

Are you happy with the unit?

Brandon... Yes, so far I like the new unit. It turns on quite often. I think it kicks in every 10-15 mins except night time. I don't know if because my tank is Acrylic (holding temperature very well) and / or my thermometer is setting at to high (78) haha... I don't know. But RIGHT NOW... my chiller is setting at 79 default and my thermometer is at 78 (i think...).

What do you think?

How long once it kicks on does it take before it turns off? Does it take 15 minutes to drop it the 2 degrees or 45?

Also what percentage of the time do you think it is running during lights on. 25, 50, 75%....

If you want I can PM you a phone number that might be easier if you want.

Hmm... Good question... If I am correct, I think it takes about 10-15 mins to cool down 2 degrees. But it rises back fairly quickly within 10-15 mins too. As for night time, I am not sure yet. I need to do some research on it. I will let you know.

Hey... do you have a yahoo messenger account? My is (itboy20032004). I come home different time of the day and sometime it's late... anyway... thanks for the info and I will let you know.

p.s. yes, mine doesn't have a power on/off switch. INteresting.
No problem.. one thing I figured out about mine was if i raised it one more degree it made a ton of difference on how long the chiller ran. Also if it is heating up supper fast can you answer a few questions.

1) What is the total watts of all your pumps.
2) What is the total watts of all your lights.
3) Do you have a canopy over your tank?
4) Is it opened backed?
5) Are you running any fans?

It is an excellent product and I have been very happy with it and the support I have recieved the once I did have an issue.

I have AOL instant messenger. just click on the little orange mand running on the right side of my posts.

78 to 80 will work just fine. after running it there for a couple months if you want to lower it drop it one degree to 77 to 79, but i think you are just fine at 78-80.
Ok Brandon... sorry for the delay. I just came back from a trip for 2 days. Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know. My fish ARE DOING OKAY. (Thank GOD). :) :) :)

Anyway, to answer some of your questions:

1) What is the total watts of all your pumps. Not too sure. I have one running off from the skimmer (hook up directly to the back of the tank and another pump for the chiller from the tank to the unit.) They are the Maxjet 1200 i think.

2) What is the total watts of all your lights? I have a 96 watts white and blue light.
3) Do you have a canopy over your tank? Yes, it the canopy kind over my tank.
4) Is it opened backed? Yes, it is open back. Before I bought the chiller, I have a small fan blowing wind from the back of the wall to the tank. It helped a little bit.
5) Are you running any fans? No, since I bought the chiller. Should I use the old small fan again?

I would leave the fans in the canopy.

Fans are alot cheaper to run power wise than a chiller.

I run two IceCap 4" fans in my canopy and the chiller.
I myself don't see a problem with the tank at 84* as long as it doesn't go any higher. My 75g has been at 84* for the past 2 weeks and my corals and fish are doing great. I'd like to keep it at 80 but with my home A/c at 80 and two fans running I'm at 84*..
Actually nothing is wrong with 84, if you know and understand the regions your livestock was collected from.

The temperature of the waters around fiji, indo pacific ocean etc range from

85 in feb-mar to 77 in aug-sept.

The issue has more to do with temperature swing on a 24 hour bases. If you keep your house at 74 and the tank temp drops down to 76 at night then gets to 84 at during the day that could be a problem.

If your tank is staying within a couple degrees throughout the day and night then your tanks should be fine depending on the inhabitants of your tank. Running a temperature of 84 would be to high for specific fish such as catalina gobies which are use to 50-60 temp, but can be kept in the lower to mid 70s.

However given "what temp should i keep my water at" 78 is commonly mentioned as it is a good midpoint of the different areas things are collected.

After the mistake that I made from the temperature drop last week. I learned that my fish (yellow tank, blue tank, maroon clown, cleaner shrimp) like the temperature between 78-80 which I currently set it to 79 default. So far so good. :^: Again, I am luck on this one. So... I agreed on what Brandon mention on the last post. Depend where your fish origin are, it like or got use to certain temperature. Plus, I can't emphasize enough to check your tank's temperature between you set up your chiller or any kind of cooling system for your tank.

Just my 2 :twocents: