Tank upgrade


We can build it
Looking to get a bigger tank maybe something 150-250 gals. What has everyone used to get acrylic tanks. I live in NJ so if its something close that would be awesome. Been looking on CL but they all seem either way to expensive or too dilapidated. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Went from a 70 Gallon to a 180 and wish I had gone bigger. Larger tanks give a wider range of options for fish and corals. There are some real pitfalls in the large tanks; the lighting costs. Traditional lighting to purchase will be very expensive and to operate also very costly, water changes are also a huge consideration. The larger the tank in plexi the higher the general cost for the tank as plexi is very expensive when you start getting into the thicker wall materials.

Glass also has downfalls as height is a consideration so you have to stay below 26 inches or the cost of glass will get very costly as well. With glass you increase length and wiidth not heigth..

I love my 180 but lighting is a factor, LED lighting is also expensive to enter into for larger tanks.

Having said all of this i do love my 180 tank. Good luck in your decisions.