Tank Geometry and Ideas


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Well here goes my first "dumb" question. Ive always lacked the room to have a large tank or been stable enough to have a reeftank. Can anyone post a diagram or a picture of theyre tank plumbing and sumps/refugeum? and on that note what purpose does a refugeum serve, Ive always done everything possible to avoid algae of anykind. I think that it has something to do with feeding or am I in left field? Sorry for any and all total lack of knowledge:frustrat:
Any diagrams of plumbing and/or a refugium would depend on the size of tank that you are considering and how much room you have to work with.

A refugium really serves a couple different purposes, to me it's primary purpose is nutrient export...by adding some form of macroalgae (Chaeto or Calerpa) it helps to control what little nitrates may be in the system with the ultimate goal of getting nitrates to 0. As a secondary benefit, it serves as a "refuge" for all sorts of critters like copepods to exist like a separate little ecosystem from the main tank.

I'd start with the size of aquarium you want...get as big a tank as you can because there seems to be a "wish i would have gotten a bigger tank" fever that is common once the tank you have has live rock in it and begins to cycle. After you figure out the size of your tank and stand and where you might locate it, then you can start thinking about plumbing and diagrams :)
Jb has it nailed on what a refugium does....mainly nutrient export and a ''refuge'' for the organisms that aid in its removal.

I could post pics of my sump/fuge but its 64'' long and probably wouldn't help you any.
there are a couple really good threads in the DIY section on how to build a fuge. Check them out. I built a 10 gallon one for my 30 gallon tank. Helped out with algea problems since I am now growing macro in there.