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Ok so david had his tutorial on photoshop, So now lets get help on taking the good picture to begin with.
I have what I considered a good digital camera till I wanted to take close up pics of corals. So Someone please give some details of how to adjust my camera settings to take good pics, or tell me my camera is a piece of junk and Ill go get a new one.
By the way mt camera is a cannon powershot S230 ELPH
I'd like to know this as well. It seems no matter what I do, the camera just doesn't take a good pic through glass.
I read a couple books on the honey moon.

Can you set it on a tri pod? The second thing to check is to see if your camera has a way to set the white balance.

I'm not an expert just some things it recommends.
the problem with mine is focussing, it will auto focuss and make a crisp clear picture from 12 inches away from the tank. but if I try and get close to the glass to get the kind of pics you need to really show the coral it focusses and blurs. a tripod wont fix that, but I dont see any adjustment for white balance. I dont see very many adjustments that affect picture quality?
Does it have a macro feature? Should look like a little green flower type icon?
yes and that makes a big difference, but still wont let me take the close ups
My Kodak camera does not have an adjustable macro setting but it does have a close up setting. The trick I have found to get the maxium quality is to turn off all the pumps so the coral isn't moving, then to use a tripod. On the close-up or macro setting the shudder speed is slower to capture more light without a flash so the tripod is critical. You can always zoom in after the pic is taken. Sometimes I have to focus on something beside the coral or right under it. For some reason my camera does not focus on some corals very well, maybe it's the color.
thats all makes sense, but I can see the blurry picture on my screen before I even take the picture, So how is a tripod and shutter speed gonna help that?
The reason I ask is that with my camera sometimes if I move a little closer or a little farther away it will focus. I guess they are picky. My camera's close-up setting says focus from less that 24 inches away from subject. But sometimes if I move from 10 inches back to 12-14 inches it will focus. I don't have an explaination to this but that is just how my pos digi camera is.
heres some examples:

this is the new micro



here is the micro if I get 1 inch closer


here is the new acan lord


Here is brandons blasto

how are you getting the close ups you get if your 24 inches away? are you using the bedroom ruler again pat?
Those pics are very similar to the ones I get. I think we both have cheap pos cameras Bryan. Until we spend $500-$900 on a digi slr camera that's just the best we can get. Those micros look sweet by the way. And the polyps on that "acan" look a lot like the polyps on the micro.
I usually have to take 10 pics to get one good enough to post.

Is the blasto frag next to Brandon's mine???? :mrgreen: It will look great when you finish growing it out for me. Your such a great guy Bryan.
Man I just reread that last post...I'm starting to sound like David!! I guess someone's got to do it!!! Sorry Dave I just couldn't help myself!!
those pics are blury and dont look anything like the acual corals. the micro has lime green stripes in the mouth that cant be seen, and the acan is so blurry it looks like its all one color. that last picture you took of your new blasto was crisp and clear.
That pic I took of the blasto was 1 of about 6 pics. the rest were blurry and didn't come out. I just looked and that pic was taken from approx 8 inches away from the coral. And yes that is an actual 8 inches, not what my wife thinks is 8 inches!!
I have a hard time getting my pics to show accurate color. It never looks the same as it does in person. Also the micro you are trying to get a pic of is a lot smaller that the blasto I am taking a pic of.
I think if you are trying to get a good pic of a small coral like a micro it takes a camera with a good macro setting. Which translates into an expensive camera!!
So there, I know how to take a good pic I just can't afford it.
To take macro pics like you all are wanting you really need true macro lens. In order to use a macro lens you need a camera that you can interchange lens. If you have a camera with decent megapix you can take a clear pic from farther away, zoom in, and then crop the pic. I must be honest. With my new Canon it is still difficult and until I get a better lens it will be. Even with crappy cameras though you can still get great shots. The thing about most of your point and shoot cameras are that they tend to focus on what they want to focus on. With a more pro camera (if you want to call it that) you have an option for auto or manual focus and this helps alot. Here is my shot prep list and I know I am not the best, but I have practiced more probably. :)

1. Clean the glass
2. Turn off all pumps
3. Turn off all lights, TV's, etc. that will cause any light on the tank
4. Use a tripod
5. If your camera has a timer option use this. Set the shot up and then run the timer. You can get a remote for just about any camera. I have one. :)
6. Take lots, and lots of pics. I get about 15 or so good ones for every 75-100 shots.
7. Post processing is a big part. Most all if not 100% of very nice pics were edited in with some type of editing program. All the pros do this.
8. Try all different settings. When I am trying to get real close with the limited lens that I have I start real close on the subject. Then I press the button half way as it trys to focus back out real slow until you get to the point it does, then snap the pic. You must be steady to take these pics or you will end up with blur. Blur is caused by the slightest movement.

Here is a great phot site for you. Read it and read it well! He does some great shots with a less that $100 camera from Wally World.

This guy is a hobbiest as well.

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