Team Liquid Force
I am pretty sure that I am going to go with the T-5's. For those with T-5's are you able to keep SPS corals? Also I am unsure wether to get the 4 bulbs or 8 bulbs, the 8 bulbs seems to be a little over kill for my 55 gallon.

What are your opinions/experiences with the T-5's

Go with the 8 bulbs if you can afford them.I have the 8x54w and will be trying my hand at keeping SPS.May have to put them mid level or higher though.
I only have the 4 bulb on my 55. And I have everything but SPS and they are doing great. I ordered the individual bulb reflectors last night and will try my hand at some SPS once I put the reflectors on.
Something doesn't sound right there. I have 130 watts on my 30" pc's that is only 36 watts right? Or do the T5's rate differently?
You can't really go by WPG with T5s because the intensity varies so much according to depth. So you are supposed to be able to keep pretty much anything as long as you put them close enough to the top.
So adding something like those to the 260 I currently have in pc's would be equivalent to doubling my lighting or not that much? (I run two 30" across a 5' tank. 60" is hard to find)
I don't know if it would be doubling. But it does mean that you could put more light intensive corals directly underneath it and they would probably be fine.
Right, I realize anything I add to supplement will help my light intensity but I guess what Im asking is, is 36 watts of T5 comparable to 130 watts of pc's? Or is is better. My lfs says I should be able to keep most softs and some lps now if I keep them up high.


live rock is in and got a prizm deluxe to hang on back and my lights came in also all in same day. here are some pics everything looks cloudy now cause live rock moving around and skimmer of course till it breaks in blowing out micro bubbles.
i need a better camera and know how to use it i'll try to get a better pic tomorrow i have to go to work now i just threw it all together and took some pics. The water is real cloudy and full of microbubbles so it doesn't look that blue in person, its just the camera. They are nice and bright