Surgery and Happy New Year!


Reefing newb
Hiya all!! Happy New Year!

Well, alot has happened since our December banquet, so I thought I'd give you an update.

We went to Cancun, Mexico as our Christmas present to each other. We booked the trip earlier in the year, and weren't expecting a category 5 hurricane to destroy our destination! Luckily, the resort we were booked at had minimal damage, and they were back in business 5 days before our arrival. Whew!! Our flights were cancelled, and we had to rebook with Delta (big expense). We really had a great time, regardless of the hurricane. Let me tell you, the people of Cancun are working hard to rebuild, and the new paint and plants look fantastic. It's going to be even better than before! I can highly recommend our resort (adults only), so if you're thinking of going somewhere, just drop me a PM. The snorkeling was great! I swam with a school of powder blue tangs that was incredible. I saw a red starfish that was about 2 feet across (got a picture) and a brain coral that was at least as big. I didnt get to scuba, because I'm not certified yet, and I'm not taking a chance. We didn't get to Cozumel due to the hurricane's damage, so we're saving that for May. I hear the diving there is even better!
After a week of beautiful water, 85 degrees, tanning, and drinking margueritas by the pool (poolboys in skimpy shorts!!), it was hard to come back. Brrrrrr, it's cold here!

So we arrive back, and two days later, I go into surgery. I don't remember the next 7 days, thanks to hubby giving me nice pain reliever. I'm just now able to get around, and am bent over like a granny. It will be 4 weeks before I'm able to walk upright again.

Thanks to Brandon for taking care of my tanks while I was away. Everything is alive and growing. Darn aptasia has taken over the 55 gallon, and I really must go to war. I may take down the whole tank and start over, it's that bad. But, that has to wait until I can actually walk and bend. The seahorses are great fun to watch, and even hubby likes them. He's been feeding the tanks since I've been on "cloud 9" after surgery.

His NY Giants won their division, so he's happy. I'm a Colts fan, so maybe the Manning brothers will play each other in the Superbowl!

Have a great week!

We've got some folks up this way doing some work with the Berghia nudis that eat Aiptasia...I'm trying to get my hands on a couple pair as well. They should help out with your problem, and are much easier than starting from scratch!
It would take about 20 Nudis to take care of these things, I'm afraid, and I can't afford that many. I asked my daughters (15 years old now) if they would help me, and they will. I just can't even get into the tank right now. Some of the aptasias are 2 inches across, they're that big. :frustrat:

I would like to get a few Nudis if you hear of anyone having them in the region. I'm just not willing to pay $50 bucks for one. Keep me in mind.


Hope you start feeling better soon.

If you want I can stop by armed with needle and kalk and we can go to war.

I know you said you didn't have any luck with that method, but it has always worked for me. Just an offer.

Let me know.

Maybe if they not on all the rock you could just remove the ones that the aiptasia are on and boil them or let them dry out.You will have to recure them,but Im sure you already know that.Also I hope you get back on feet soon,and dont hold back those snokling pics.HaHa.
We Went To The Eastern Carr.

Sound like you had a lot of fun. We went on an cruise to the San Juan, St. Thomas and Sint Marrtin. The weather was great the there also. I didn't get a chance to snorkle or scuba. We did go to an aquarium by the ocean. We did get to see lots of different fish and corals.

Before you break down your tank. You mite want to try this stuff call "Joe's Juice". It is for aptasia and something else. Aptasia was pretty bad in my tank before I started using it. Just a couple of drops on it kills it. I have used it for the past 3 days and there just about all gone. Pretty good stuff.

Sorry, to here about you in the hospital. I hope your feeling better.

Raymond :D
Tried the copperband from Bermuda ($40 bucks) and it died the first week.

Brandon, give me some instruction on how you did it and I'll get my daughter's to try. I boiled the kalk in the microwave and injected it into their mouths. They move too fast to get the stalk injection for me.

The rocks are covered with them. I also have my corals attached to my rocks, so removing the rocks is not possible.

I'll try uploading the underwater pics when I feel better.


Copperbands are notoriously poor aquarium residents. Some do well, but most end up wasting away due to refusal to eat. It' a shame they're recommended as often as they are for Aiptasia control. The ones that actually eat Aiptasia are few and far between as well.

The nudis are going for around $15-20 right now. I'll let you know what I come up with.
yea angela that will work for the really big ones........

I agree you have alot and natural remedies will be needed to get the ones you can't see, but some human help will also be needed.

Get the really big ones first pick one area and work on it for a day or two then start sweeping across the tank. The smaller ones can be fed some mysis then injected, this will keep them from shrinking up to small to inject.

Hope this helps.