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If you need the BEST cleaners - Reefs2go has the BEST price!! 100 Blue Leg Hermit Crabs - Only $20
Robert of Virgina stated "Every time I order I am excited when it arrives I get more than I expected. the items I order are great and well worth the price. My last order of blue legged crabs were great. They are always search and looking for things to clean. Thanks again for all you send, I am ordering again today."​
100 Nassasarius Snails- Only $25
Tracy of Texas said "Another great item I ordered these and they are doing a great job at cleaning my tank. Ordered 10 on BOGO and they are all doing wonderful"​
10 Red Leg Hermit Crabs - Only $2.99
Kevin of Texas said "These crabs do an incredible job of removing algae from live rock and sand. They are a great addition to any reef tank. They keep to themselves and won't bother corals. Thanks!"​
100 Cerith Snails- Only $25
Terry of Florida said "Ordered 25 at the same time I also ordered 25 other snails. All arrived live and are doing great. Hope that they go on sale again soon as I'll order more. Great snail at a great price was made even better being on sale. Shipping was very good.!"​
2 Emerald Crabs - Only $4.99
John of Florida said "Got four of these guys, arrived alive and healthy....doing great...Thanks R2G for the new members of my tank family"​
Coraline Encrusted Margarita Snails- 2 for a Buck!!
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