Suicidal Wrasse


reef junkie
I think Venus, my Blue-Line Wrasse just went through the powerhead. I heard something, looked up and saw him freaking out swimming crazily, went to the bottom and drifted sideways for a bit. I can't find him now. *cries* Has anyone else ever had this happen?
Oh noez!!! That's crazy, how did he get in the powerhead?! You've had such horrible luck with your tank, I am so sorry :( I also hope he's just freaked and hiding for a bit
Ouch! ya thats no good. who knows maybe he'll be like that dude who got sucked into the planes engine and ended up living, I'll have my fingers crossed for ya. Never had a fish go through my powerhead.
Well, Venus is out swimming normally this morning. I see no marks on him. The cleaner shrimp seems extra interested in him though. I'll keep you posted if any more weirdness happens. I thought he was a goner last night the way he was swimming.
Once, when my clowns were really tiny, one got sucked into the intake of my maxi jet powerhead. He was bent in half, suck in there for who knows how long. I finally noticed and had to pry him out of the intake. He slowly sunk to bottom, still bent in half. After a about a half hour, he slowly unfolded and swam away. They are tougher than you think.

This is also the same idiot clownfish that took a ride down the over flow but got stuck in the pipe and I had to drill a hole in the pipe to pull him out of.
lil fish that is insane. i would def think that he wouldve been a goner, tough lil guys. i never give up unless they are honestly dead, if it was possible i would give CPR to get my fishies back lol fish defibrillator.
I've had my small Clownfish and Jawfish both end up in an overflow (different times) and ended up having to pull the standpipe out so they'd get sucked into the sump. Both times I dumped them from the sump filter back into the tank with no issues.

Haven't had a fish run through the powerheads... yet.