Sucked back in!


Reef enthusiast
It's been a long time waiting, I tried to get something started up a few times in the past, but a lot got in the way. Anyways, here I am with some exciting news! I teamed up with a local LFS in the new town I'm in to add a saltwater section to their store! She has a thriving freshwater/brackish biz going on, and she's wanted to do salt for quite awhile but didn't have the knowledge. So I've become the brains behind the operation lol! I'm excited about this new venture, and hoping to post along the way and show you all our progress. Pumped to be back on the boards again!
Thanks guys! Excited to get back in the hobby. Starting a 14g biocube right now, it's the only tank I kept from my former days. Looking really hard at putting together a 120 though, we'll see as time goes on