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what is an acceptable specific gravity? My CORALIFE HYDROMETER has a range window of acceptable between 1.020 -1.023. Is this a good window to be in? Currently, I'm in the middle of my cycle and I am reading 1.021. Please advise. :bowdown:
I personally like 1.023 to 1.025, however, 1.021 to 1.026 is acceptable for most. I would not push the extremes with corals but a good middle road is 1.023. I will post an article on hydrometers so watch for it as there are some items you need to know.
I keep mine around 1.024.Your tank new so salinity stalization might take time.Also did put tank water and let it sit to let the needle season.I cannot rremember the exact amount of hours.I should be on the package tough
Ya I let the tank water sit in the meter for 24 hours to break it in. I have been slowly trying to raise the salinity and now I am at 1.021. Would it be bad if I just added cups of salt to the aquarium without premixing it? Today I just added my janitor crew along with 4 chromis and I dont want to harm any of them by doing something stupid.
Here is a little trick that i do. Make a drip container just like if you are going to drip Kalkwasser.

Then depending on the container fill up the container with Salt water and make it double or triple the salinity and then mix it good in the container.

Then drip 1x drip every 1-2 seconds.. it works great for me Good luck..

By the way

On my old 280 gallon reef i would use a RO water bottle the 5 gallon ones drill a small hole and add a drip line to it....
Good idea. I have a RO system so I plan on starting my mixture tomorrow and see how that work. I'll let you know how it goes.
I wont repeat good advice already given. just wanted to point out that you should never add salt or fresh salt water to your main tank if there are animals there. The salt and fresh makeup is some what caustic and can burn gills, and well you get the idea. The procedure given for the drip is a very good way of doing it and you should have no problem with it even with fresh makeup. dirp it in to a spot where the water current is good. good luck.
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Very good advice...

Since I see that that your bringing your experiance and advice to help our fellow reefers here.I thought would hijack this post to say welcome to the forum.