species choice


Love my tanks!

Have decided to get horses. I have a 35gallon hex tank with about 40 pounds of rock. I am trying to decide whether to go erectus or kelloggi. I have read that erectus are the best beginner horse and would probably fit my tank the best. I trust this site for information because you guys are it!
The erectus species will be the easier of them...you could take the online class too, to become more familiar with all the species. I believe it's seahorse.com?
They are much hardier, which is a huge issue with seahorses. They often succumb to bacterial infections and they are less prone to be being stressed out. They have also been captive breed for the longest, and are both the easiest and cheapest to get.
Yeah, you have to keep in mind, that seahorses don't like extremely bright lighting, so that light will be great for them, and you could also get some nice micro algae and soft corals for them to hitch on.
ok i had ordered those light t5 dual 36w that was mentioned on the top of this thread could this help me with soft corals or anything like that thanks for any help