Some sort of coral polyp?


So I had one of these little guys pop up out of a piece of LR a few weeks ago. Since there another has popped up about half an inch from him. They're kinda neat looking, but I'm not certain as to what it is.

Both are about 1/4" 'round, maybe a little smaller. They're kind of a lime green in the center, getting darker towards the tentacles, then the tentacles are brown-ish red (rust) colored.

In this picture it has sand substrate stuck to the stem part of the polyp.

Looking those up... (speaking of the picture here) I do have about 5 of those in my tank, but the two referenced earilier look quite a bit different from this picture.

Is this what you're thinking, or do aiptasia anemones vary as far as looks?

Aiptasia 2.jpg
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So I definitely have some of these I need to kill. Lemon juice? What do you inject them with, and where do you purchase it?

Will a couple peppermint shrimp keep them under control?
I agree -- it's either aiptasia or majano. Both of which are pest anemones and can multiply very quickly.

Ahh... those other two (why I started this post) look like majano after hitting Google Images.

Looks like I have a couple species to eradicate. Bummer, I kinda liked watching them grow. :)
If you go the lemon juice route,make a trip to your local tractor supply and pick a couple of small needles for medicating livestock. The very gently inject the pests by sticking the needle into the stalk while being careful not to go all the way through.