So What is all this stuff!?


Reefing newb
I love watching the rock just to see what I can spy next. Just curious if anyone knows what some of this stuff is?

1. This little fella was hard to photograph he is very nervous. He comes out the end of about a 2 inch stem.


2. Ok in this photo I have 2 things I want to identify. the flower looking thing is easy to see but if you look slightly to the right of the flower you will see multiple white hairlike tenticles


3. Bad lighting for a good photo of this thing


4. Is this anything


5. Ok what is the orange stuff and then look right under the orange a little to the left and you will see what I think is a aiptasia but its tenticles are clear and there are little dots at the end of its tenticles it almost looks like a light blue or aqua color



6. The blob!


7. No questions about this. Just a good picture of the rock. Its covered with stuff!

I am really excited about the hobby I think I will be more intrested in the reefs than the fish!
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1)Feather duster worm
2)Next to the feather duster worm maybe legs of a brittle star.
3)Feather duster worm
4)Dead coral skeleton
5)Orange blob is a sponge/the thing circled is aiptasia anemone
6)The blob?Dunno what that is or even what part needs identification.

Very cool rocks btw.
Thanks guys. yea the blob picture, I am referring to the dark gray soft lookiong thing in the middle! I am not sure if its soft it just looks soft.

So thats the 3rd aiptasia I need to kill tommorow! Is there anything I need to do to keep this stuff alive or will it naturally just live or die off?
I'm still not sure what the blob is.There's nothing you can do,some will die off and some will live.Even things that appear to die off may come back later.Live rock is fascinating stuff.
Ok if I bought live lava base rock I would put that under the live rock correct? But nothing is living on it anymore right? So would anything start to grow on it or is it just there for show?
The thing circled might not be aiptasia. If it looks like this:



then it's some kind of mushrooom coral.

But I agree with the rest of them.