So I recieved a frag pack online, and nothing is labeled ..........


Reefing newb
First of all, I am kinda pissed off. So the search begins to figure out what the heck i have . This is the last time I order frags online. I know one right off the bat, Its a Sun Coral. Rated for expert which I am not!!!! Why would they send this on a beginner pack???? I will post picks soon to ask for Identification.
Yeah get those pics posted so we can help you out. The sun coral isn't photosynthetic and will do well in shaded areas. You will also need to spot feed this coral. It's really not that difficult of a coral if you can find a good place in the tank that doesn't get blasted with light.
Could it be a dendro possibly? I don't have either of them but I think I read somewhere that dendros are slightly easier to care for. Don't quote me on that though.
well after a bit of research i have sun coral( that didnt make it). hasnt opened in 5 days so couldnt eat . This jpg is the only one im not sure of , thought it was a meteor ?


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