So I attempted to Drill my tank ...


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And it was a success! :^:

I've been putting off drilling my tank for quite a bit. Today after work I checked my measurements, got my stuff together, drank 1 beer and commenced to drill. The first hole took me a long time because I was so nervous. I time the second hole and it took me just over 15 minutes.

Both holes came out basically perfect. I duct taped a piece of scrap plywood to the back of the drill spots and I had 0 chip-out. Here is a couple of pics:


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WOW great job. Drilling a hole in glass is not something everyone can do. Props for the great work!!!

That dessert looks delicious!
I would never try drilling something with thin glass. The 1/2" thick glass my 150H tank went rather well once I got a groove started
I know how you feel the first time is scary as hell, but you did a great job!

Thin glass just means you get through faster. The first tank I drilled was a 10 gal, and the one and only tank I have ever busted while drilling was a 55, but it was tempered and not my fault.LOL
From what I've been reading a lot of people have trouble drilling a 10 gal since there so thin.

I'm going to drill a 50 gal for my sump so I assume that will go a little faster.
Good job! I'm getting ready to drill my 180 Ive just been waiting because I was afraid but eh what the hell!

LOL, that's the exact way I felt.

I've been re-measuring the placement of holes for my overflow for at least the past 2-weeks. I finally said screw it and just did it.
I watched various youtube videos on drilling tanks about 2 or 3 times. Just before I drilled the first hole I watched the glass-holes video on drilling 1 more time.

I did the measuring for the rest of my holes in the back glass tonight. I'll re-measure everything again tomorrow and I might start drilling the rest of them.
Hornet, do you think that a tank could be drilled on a verticle surface, with constant water running of course, I cant find anybody to help me turn my 180 on its face and was wondering since you just did it horizontally what your opinion is?
Zoakeeper, I used the same bits that RyanG posted. I also got them from glass-holes. I purchased the 1500 gph kit and that came with the bit for the 1 1/2" bulkhead then I bought the bits for 1" and 2" bulkheads seperately. No drill press I just used my cordless drill and set the clutch to about 4. That was kinda useful because if pressed to hard the clutch would kick in letting me know.


RyanG, I think you can drill it vertically. There is a video on youtube showing a guy drilling the tank full so I see no reason it can't be done.
Cool video. I figured I wouldn't drill mine since it is already full. I don't know how it might be if anything got in the water though. But I would sure like to put an overflow box in the tank and not have it be a hang on box.
Ryan, how are you going to drill your 180? Do you have a diagram or something?

I'm just curious about where your placing the overflow and closed loop returns.
Great pics. and great info. A guy here in towwn has a 240 for cheap. but its not drilled. I dont believe the bottom of a tank that big would be tempered, so I want to drill it myself. I'll see what happens. Thanks for the link on:bowdown: bits also.
Zoakeeper you should still try to figure out what brand of tank it is any way and look it up on the manufacturers website. I just checked the links I had for perfecto and AGA/aqueon and they don't show a 240 std. tank