Skimmer rated for 180g for around 400$


life's a beach
The skimmer with this tank right now has a broken pump. Rather than find a new pump, I think I'd like to take this time to get something a little better.

Total volume will be 180g. And I plan on running a fuge(only 5 gallons). I have a strong feeling it'll have a high bioload.

I'd really like to keep pricing below 400$. If there's something a little more and it's really really worth it ill consider it. I also need a small footprint. The skimmer area is 11x12 but I also have a zeovit system I'd like to incorporate that'll take up a 7x7 section. Can you run zeovit outside of the sump??

Anyhow, looking forward to any and all suggestions.
Ok. Scratch the zeovit system. It's going to take up way too much real estate. So I have an 11x12 area to contain a skimmer, slightly bigger may work as the refugium is suspended above the bottom area. So there's more base room.

I'm looking at the EM300 by aquamaxx and the SRO2000-3000. Reading excellent reviews on both. Some people have replaced their SRO with the aquaxx skimmers and liked them a whole lot more. Anything else I should consider looking at? I prefer the skimmers with pumps on or in the base for room savings.