Shrimp fighting?


Reefing newb
I have had 2 peppermint shrimp since my tank finished cycling about 2 weeks ago, then I added my skunk cleaner and one of the peppermint shrimp died within a 2 days of getting the cleaner. I thought it may have been due to the stress of a new shrimp since all my levels checked out fine. Then This morning I noticed my second peppermint was dead as well, again my levels are fine and I added about 1gallon of water yesterday to top off the tank. Is it possible that the skunk attacked the peppermint shrimp? If it is possible, would it be safe to put a blood shrimp in there or should I just get another cleaner shrimp?

They are in a 36 gallon hex tank.
ph: 7.8-8.0 (checked in the morning)
ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 10ppm
Are you sure it wasn't molts and not dead peppermint shrimp? The molts will look a lot like a dead shrimp. If they molted the shrimp will be hiding until their new shells harden up.
Just wanted to make sure it wasn't a molt. It is very possible the cleaner killed them especially if there was a big size difference. I have never had a problem keeping the Lysmata genus together but I have bigger tanks and more places for them to hide. Shrimp are opportunistic feeders so the potential is always there.
The potential is always there. If you decide to do it get one close to the same size as the cleaner you currently have. I would also try and get those nitrates down closer to zero as they affect invertebrates in a negative way as well.

What is your SG running?
Sure you can get a fish. What are you planning on getting? Just remember to give your tank some time between each fish to make sure your parameters stay in line.
I'm trying to debate if I want to get a pair of clowns and just leave it at that, or if I want to put a barnacle blenny or some kind of goby before the clowns.
If you are getting a pair of the more aggressive clowns like maroons I would add them last but if you are thinking something slightly more docile like the ocellaris you can add them first.
I had a Starry Blennie, named Lennie, who was the clown of the tank for years....

My then 4 year old daughter named him!
Im thinking of getting a pair of black snowflake clowns, that way if I want to add more fish later on I can. I just may be happy with the two fish... who knows.