Selling Some Stuff


What reef tank?
I am going to tear down my nano and move it away from a window. Since I don't know where I am moving it too I am going to sell what I have. I'll start with the fish.

Black Perc pair - $40
Yashe Hase (sp) goby and tiger pistol pair - $60

Make some offers and let's see what we can do. I'll post pics if interested although it is very difficult to capture the goby and shrimp in the open. I have some pics of them in my gallery.

If you want to sell corals, I wouldnt mind buying zoas/palys from you. Thanks.

I coul also hold any zoas/palys, but you may not get them back! LOL!
Thanks rev and bryan.

Patrick, just let me know what you want to do. I am kind of worried. As soon as I posted this I haven't been able to find the goby and shrimp. They never miss a meal. I'll keep looking. As soon as I clean out the fish I'll get some help with the corals.
No really if you need space I can help out as well. It wouldnt be much space so I could keep smaller stuff. I'll just frag me off a polyp when a new one grows. :D
Well I found the shrimp, but the goby is MIA. If I don't see him/her tonight I am going to start moving some rock around. Wish me luck...