Secret to using Formula 2

Ok, so what's the magical secret to using Formula 2 correctly?
Somehow I managed to screw it up. Shocking. I just got some and popped a cube into a container to thaw and when I took it out I was perplexed. It's a solid cube of paste? I've not encountered this with frozen foods before. So I halved it with a spoon and thought, I guess it will "dissolve" or seperate once it hits the water. Nope. The hard mass was immediately grabbed and hoarded by my skunk shrimp. I watched in disbelief as fish approached to try and eat it and he chased them off. This went on about a half hour. He wedged it into a rock on the bottom corner of the tank and guarded it. I finally mashed up the other half cube and put it in the tank so the fish would have something to eat.
An hour later my skimmer was overflowing! It made the darn thing go crazy?? Why? What am I doing wrong here?
You have to buy a mesh feeding clip that suction cups to the glass. Then you put the cube in the mesh feeder, and they graze off of it.

I have yet to hear from one person that their fish actually eat that stuff though. Everyone that I know that has tried it doesn't like it.
I use it as part of my rotation I mash it up completely with the back of a spoon after letting it soak for a bit then dump the remnants in the tank.. Everything I have in the tank gobbles it up, from the shrimp to fish to crabs.. I only use it every few weeks or so..
I hate the stuff. I still have almost an entire pack in my freezer. I had maybe 1 or 2 fish nibble at it, but it just left a mess in my tank. I've even tried chopping it up with a knife into teeny tiny pieces. No go.
A feedling clip? Seriously? Well, that's annoying as all get out..
Thanks for the info guys. After I mashed it up all the fish ate it, I just don't understand the consistency of it and it was a real pain in the butt overall. I will try what you suggested marcah, I spent 8 bucks on the stupid pack so I'd like to try to use it. Not sure why it affected my skimmer tho. I won't buy this stuff again...
Not sure if I've just been lucky, but I have a pack that I bought to feed my foxface and I just cut the chunks up into 4ths (ish) and scoop out some tank water, chuck the food in and let it sit for maybe 4 or 5 minutes, and it's all dissolved into a decent group of pieces and then i dump it back into the tank and the fish goes bannanas chasing it all around the tank eating just about all of it.
This is the type of feeding clip they want you to buy for that food:

Thanks Sarah, I've never seen such a thing...
Yeah, I'm not going to mess around with that. I'd have to take off the hood and lift up the light and the screen and ug, i'm exhausted just thinking about it. I'm going to go take a nap then when I wake up I'm going to throw the Forumla 2 away. Badda bing, badda boom. Another problem solved thanks to my fellow reefers.
I only use it to feed any fish in my fuge because it is a small area with no other stuff to take it away. I have watched many a cube float into the rocks to never be seen again.

I just drop a cube of Pro Salt into my fuge for my fish if there is one in there. Well they are not cubes they are octagon kind of.

Never found one person in a LFS that even suggested a bag. Most of them know less than me or anyone here. I love listening to them tell customers things. I am just shaking my head.