Not in my main tank!

Ok, so, I wanted to start a tank for seahorses in my home office that I am in a lot (which I am going to cycle for a long long long long time). I was looking at a variety of tanks, and it wasn't that much more for me to get an 80 gallon bow front... I had a very nice sump that has a built in protein skimmer (I read that bubbles in the tank are bad news for the seahorses) that didn't want to fit under smaller tanks.

Anyone have any experience with seahorses? Too big? I was going to make half the tank a sea grass field and put some smooth live rock on the other side with lower light and lower temperature sea horse safe corals.

Thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions?
My sister just started her seahorse tank.It's a 55 gallon. So far she has three not really sure which type they are. I know they're not dwarf ones. She's been having a hard time finding live plants. For now she put in a few fakes. She has Zoas,xenias,green star polys, and mushrooms. She also has a few peaceful fish in with hers. All three are doing great. So if you find live plants please let me know where so I can tell her.
Ok. I guess I am just a lucky schmuck on the grass side, my friend works at the LFS and has grass at his store (I had no idea it was so hard to find!)

My friend called last night (he read my blog about wanting seahorses, lol) and told me he knows someone who may give me a 55 gallon for free! Fear of why that persons tank is dry and what they may have used in it worries me a bit though...

I definitely know dwarfs need a small tank. I have been looking up the different kinds of seahorses so that I can decide and get the tank set up for that kind... of course I fell in love with leafy seahorses, as if I could actually get a captive bred legal one in the US. Still deciding!
Seahorse safe corals are generally anything without tentacles, like others have mentioned, zoanthids, mushrooms, etc. Seahorses tend to grasp plants with their tails, so they can mistakenly grasp corals that are similar to plants and get stung. Avoid corals that the seahorse would be able to grab on to.
There used to be one up the road here.Asian guy ran the store and had several plants sitting around in flower pots.RIGHT ON THE COUNTER.
No tentacles! Noted, I can already think of most of the things in our fish tank that wouldn't make the cut.

Hmm... can't see sea grass being on the counter, so I must assumer we are speaking of "grass." :Big Hair: My LFS doesn't carry such items, but I hear it is legal in California and Denver...
OurFishies technically Ganja is not legal in Jamaca, it is tolerated because it is part of the Rastafarian religious practices. You can be arrested for it there.
Ah, interesting to know.

The seahorse tank is on hold now :( our German Shepherd puppy broke her leg when playing catch with our friend. Have to take care of vet bills and and a puppy, seahorses later!
She already is! She now has about 10 toys to keep her entertained, she has dog toy ADD. Lol, she plays with one for a sec and switches to another, then another. It is funny.