Seahorse Tankmates

I must be lucky I have a 12 gallon Aqapod with 1 Pony 2 false clowns a sand sifting goby as well as a mandrian along with 2 peppermint shrimp and a blood.

Ted, how long have you had this set-up?

What species of horse do you have?

I've got a little 14 gallon BioCube and I can state that they do stay pretty stable for a small tank but you are very overstocked. Your fish are stressed. Horses are social creatures that prefer to be in a "herd." I would like to make a suggestion that you need to research the living conditions that would make your livestock happy and stress free.

Best Web List for Seahorse Tankmates: I love this site, they have tons of information on keeping happy horses AND a good variety of horse keepers ready to give advice. Here's their advice on tankmates. In my opinion, if you are not willing to meet the needs of your animals then you shouldn't have them. - Tankmates
With their docile attitude, would they be ok with a firefish, clown goby, and pistol shrimp? They're in my 45g high tank right now (wasn't planned). I was originally going to make that tall tank strictly seahorse, since it's annoyingly tall and the waterflow is pretty weak in there.

i dont really see a problem above fish as tank mate other than feeding.
Firefish may be too fast for seahorse to compete.
However, I have learned that seahorses can be conditioned to be fed. I tap on the rim at specific/same location and my seahorses would come up to same location all the time, making it easier for me to feed them, even with small dottys/wrasses. I just gotta chase other fishes until SH are well fed.

I catch my seahorses every summer which I believe to be erectus, some chocolate, black and/or somewhat golden.Probavbly due to their diet..

My only concern would be pistol shrimp as I have lost some seahorses due to a very aggressive crab my children added to tank w/o my knowledge last summer which caused loss of few seahorses. It took me while to figure out what was going on but eventually found the culpit and removed. I have kept pistol shrimps in other set ups but never with SH. I would be cautious, especially at night. Try to remove anything on the bottom that SH can cling to. At least this may bring the SH up.

BTW, Wonton is my son's nickname as he proudly (lol) wears sweat shirts with Wonton printed on the back. A nick name given to him by his Jr. High buddies. He is senior in HS now and still go by his nickname.
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