Sea Stars


I'm looking for a star or two to add to my tank and I'm looking for more info, experience and opinions. I think I've narrowed it down to 5.

Tamaria sp. Burgundy Sea Star max 8"
Echinaster sp. Orange Sea Star max 3"
Fromia indica Indian Sea Star max 5"
Fromia milleporellis Red Sea Star max 5"
Fromia minilis Tile Sea Star max 5"

Supposedly all are reef safe and don't have any special needs; well, aside from being sea stars. And all are found on

I am open to other suggestions, but I prefer something that can stay smaller since I have a smaller tank and it looks like I may only be able to have a 40 instead of 75 as per my lease...looking into that, but for now, thanks in advance!
Do you have renters insurance? Some landlords will over look the restrictions if you have and maintain renters insurance.
got a narcissus snail 7days ago .when i put it in tank i watched it bury itself straight away into the substrate which i know is what they do but havent seen it since .ive read that when food is added to tank they can sense it and they come out of the substrate..mine hasnt so is it maybe dead or do u not see them for a while was a small one meaning a juvenile not fully grown maybe that makes a difference to its behaviour?