SCA-302 protein skimmer


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We got this skimmer December 26, 2012. So far, I have been impressed. We were not sure what the best depth of water was for it, but called the company and was assisted with the info.
Overall for the money I spent for the skimmer, about $140 shipped, I am very pleased with it. It has pulled quite a bit of medium brown muck out of the water. It seems to be skimming a little drier each day.
I will keep you posted.
After 3 weeks, I have been very happy with this skimmer. It works great as long as the water is kept 8" deep. If it drops below that level, it still works but not as efficiently. Once you add water to bring it back to 8", it skims very wet for a little while then settles back down. This is one reason we built a water top off and the problem is non existent now.
8-9.5" is the best water height for this skimmer.
Also it took about 2 weeks for it to totally break in and begin to see more of a dry skim, which I prefer.
Wanted to see how the skimmer has been working. I want to upgrade mine and have been interested at this model.