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Stay the hell away from them!!! I bought $320 worth of dead/dying LPS corals from them. A Meat Coral, Torch coral & a Wall Hammer. The only one that survived was the Wall Hammer & that was with EXTREME TLC. I put in the request for a refund only to realize that they only give "In Store Credit" & you cant use the credit towards the shipping cost of the next order. YOU MUST PAY FOR THE SHIPMENT!!!! So $40 later, I got over it & decided to order some of the more hardy soft corals & some clean up crew thinking "Hey, even THEY cant mess this up".......well I was WRONG....all the softies were dead in rotting water except the star polyps & the only clean up crew that survived were a few tiny crabs & "Coral Eatiing" Camel Shrimp that were sold as Peppermint Shrimp. They instantly went to work on my large Frog Spawn & ate 1 head on the 1st night. I figured to myself ..."Ok, that head must've not been too healthy", but that wasn't the case....they began eating way at my Acans, Caps & Chalices as well. Now I have $1370 worth of sick corals, 7 bags of slime from & $320 worth of their S&*tty "In Store Credit"!! So needless to say that I need to buy $320 of EQUIPMENT ONLY from these bastards b/c that is the only thing that they can't F%@K Up!!! I will now be at $120 in shipping costs with this company.....Looks like has found a successor. Save your $$$ guys/gals and go to LiveAquaria or BlueZoo.....
I just spent over $200 in fish a week ago and not only are they all dead but one but my prize 2 year old black clown is on its last legs.
I will follow up with how they respond to the email I wrote them but obv in a 12 year old reef tank you will not find all the dead fish corpses and they want pics.
Sick over this so hopefully they make it right some how or I will share everywhere humanly possible somother don’t have to experience this issue
FYI had a reef/fish business for 10 plus years so I understand how to acclimate and process fish properly so no human error on my part