Saltwater U-I won a clam!


Reefing newb
Saltwater U in Atlanta yesterday was a great event! I purchased a couple of frags, a candy cane and orange and purple zoanthids. I won the raffle for a Maxima clam. Luckily, I have been studying clams for the past month, since I hoped to have several in my 135g. The 135 isn't ready yet, so it's in the 55 for the time being. I'm feeding it DT's phytoplankton.

We had a nice day.

Congratulations on your win.Clams need alot of light so if your light is low on the watts per gallon just place it up close to the light.

I'm at 9 watts per gallon of VHO. The 135 will have 3 250w MH plus VHO actinic. I have placed the clam into a large seashell, hoping it will secure itself, and I can move it up.
Congrats! My clam has been in my tank for a few months now, with plenty of calcium, lighting and feeding it DT's I can now see new white ridges when it retracts. Its growing like a champ. They are also great for taking nitrates out of your water.